Saturday, May 3, 2008

Green Garlic?

Does anyone know if this is "Green Garlic"? Or is it just fresh garlic with the stem still on? I got it from the side of the road on my way to Sacramento where the nice lady didn't seem to speak English. She just said "garlic one dollar".

Update: It's not green garlic...just fresh.
Here is the inside view:


LouAnne said...

Spring, baby, green - all are immature garlic. Yours look a little fat to be green garlic (judging from the few pics I could find on the net) - like it has already started forming cloves. So I would call it young garlic. What does it look like when you slice into it?

LouAnne said...

In this picture, the bulbs are the size of green onions/scallions.

deanna said...

Thanks for the info! I did peel away the outer layer, and there it was....a perfectly formed bulb of garlic with its telltale white skin surrounding the cloves. When I cut a clove up for my sauteed red chard, it was like cutting through butter, so soft and tender.
It's been really fun to discover new things and see food in it's original form, plucked from the earth. I'm so glad it's farmer's market season again!

LouAnne said...

I agree. I love opening my farm box every week to see what treasures await me! I'm so glad for spring - I am getting really tired of carrots, although I did find a really yummy carrot risotto recipe that took care of the backlog. I'll email you the basics of it - you could adopt the same strategy with any veggie.