Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Menu Planning

I'm trying what my friend Cathy suggested - menu planning for the week. I used to do it and I know it goes much easier just to have the plan and the ingredients on hand. Here is my menu for the rest of the week:

Chicken Parmesan
Mashed Potatoes
Steamed Veggies

Turkey Burgers
Fresh Fruit

Crock Pot Mac 'n Chicken with Mushrooms

Thai Basil Chicken
Brown rice
Cucumber Salad

Do you do a menu plan or just wing it for dinners? What's on your list this week?


Moore Heathly Dishes said...

Ok Deanna, Love your menu for this week. Do you have any recipes for them.

Take care,

Cathy said...

Let's see:
Monday - leftovers
Tuesday - Beef Stroganoff with peas
Wednesday - leftovers
Thursday - chicken with salad

Nothing fancy...

Deanna S. said...

Stacy - I'm working on getting the Chicken Parm recipe up there, and the Crock Pot one will be new to me. I'll let you know how it is. Here is the link for my Thai Basil dish..

Cathy - is your stroganoff a slow cooker recipe? I really need to use my crock pot more! And I never seem to have enough leftovers to make two must make big meals??

Cathy said...

Dee - yes my stroganoff is a slow cooker recipe. I'll send it to you via email.

Cherie said...

tonight: Mac and Cheese
Wednesday: roast chicken with salad greens and veggies (go to farmer's market today so whatever is in season)
Thursday: Falafel and tobouli
Friday: Bison sausage coleslaw and potato salad

Deanna S. said...

Cherie, Nice menu! I love all the veg you are using. I made Gazpacho last night for the first time and loved it! Happy cooking!