Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gigi's Cookbook

My husband's grandma (gigi to our kids) has been cleaning out her cupboards lately and we are getting some windfall from her spring cleaning. She's been kind enough to think of me and my blog when unloading cool retro dishes, tea towels and now cookbooks.

This one in particular I thought was pretty neat. It was printed in 195o and I've been perusing the pages and thinking that some of the recipes could make a comeback. I especially love the section on "Refrigerator Cakes" which are basically cakes made from cookies, whipped cream and other gooey stuff, which don't require any cooking. I see one of these in my future.

Here are some pictures that will give you the vibe of my new old cookbook:


LouAnne said...

Yum - icebox cakes were part of my childhood. My mother always made the one with the thin chocolate wafer cookies and ALWAYS homemade whipped cream. I believe the Jello "poke" cakes were also part of this genre. Brings back fond memories! ~LouAnne~

Deanna S. said...

I will have to look up "poke" cakes....the one that looked cool to me had vanilla wafers, apple butter and, you guessed it right, hand whipped cream! mmmmmmm

LouAnne said...

Basically, you make a sheet cake and poke holes in it with a wooden skewer and then pour the jello over the cake and refrigerate it. Looks cool when you slice into it too.

Cathy said...

Oh poke sister still makes these only she does it with pudding and no whipped cream. Yum!