Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bay Area Discovery Museum - Sausalito

Arrrrh, matey....where is that darn treasure?

Okay, mom...this is it. The most fake smile that I can muster.

Wow, frogs!
How many crabs did we get this time?? That should yield us at least a hundred bucks!

Wes and dad at the water resistance machine.....Owen behind at the wind resistance.

On Owen's Pond...Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler. --Henry David Thoreau

I know what I am doing here...

Just proof that we've been here, done that!

This was a fun trip for us, and a beautifully clear day in SF...what a treat! If you've never been to the Bay Area Discovery Museum, it might be worth the trip. I'd say that if your kids are under 7, they'd be pleased with the offerings.
They have several distinct areas to explore....a great outdoor area and playground, a train and boat room, a wave and wind room, art room, an exhibit hall that changes every couple months, shows and music in the auditorium, an exclusive toddler area for kids under 42 inches. They have a cafe and lots of picnic tables too!
We packed a lunch to save some cash, and we also have a ACM membership that gets us in free and includes Children's Museums from all over the country. If you don't have that, its $1o for adults and $8 for kids. Every second Saturday from 1-5 pm is free. One thing to consider...strollers are not allowed in any of the halls, so be prepared to leave your strollers outside as you explore the exhibits. Carry wallet and keys in your pocket and your camera around your neck if you are wary of that.

2 comments: said...

Those are great pictures!! Thanks for coming to the Musuem..glad you had a fun time.

Charlotte said...

Hey Dee, I am so impressed with your cooking and photo skills! And the boys are looking so grown up! It seems like forever since we were out there for the wedding! Your Mom is coming to see us soon, wish you and the boys could come too. We could have an all girl reunion for this side of the family. Maybe we need another road trip? I am really proud of you and your blog! You are very talented. Give the boys a hug for us and do think about coming on out before they get too big! Love you, Charlotte