Sunday, April 13, 2008

Regular Dinners

Sometimes I just go through a creative slump, where looking for recipes, shopping, cooking and cleaning up just isn't happening. This is one of those weeks, for sure. I think we even had pizza on two different nights.

My "Regular Dinner" is usually some kind of chicken and a veggie or two. This week it was sliced BBQ chicken on top of mashed potatoes with a salad....and Teriyaki Chicken with grilled asparagus. Oh, and regular dinners are *always* served on our festive plastic plates leftover from my brother's wedding rehearsal dinner (where they served made-to-order tacos and lots of margaritas....yum!)

Do you have a "regular dinner"? What is it?

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Cathy said...

My regular dinners:

Chicken enchilada casserole, rice and beans
Spaghetti with Salad
Pasta Pollo (chicken with pasta and brocolli in a heavy cream and parmesean white sause)
Tomato Rice soup and Grilled Cheese
Pancakes with scrambled eggs