Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Al Pastor Taco

Carpinteria is filled with taquerias. So many, in fact, that I have probably tried 6 of them while visiting my parents here over the years. I believe there are several that I haven't tried. Some are sit-down restaurants, but most are just taco counters inside of Mexican markets.

This particular taco is from Reyes Market in Carpinteria, CA. It is BBQ Pork with salsa, onion and cilantro on two homemade tortillas. Yum. Seriously, they make the tortillas while you wait. This one cost a whopping $2.40. OMG!

We also like Taco Grande, and the counter in Beach Liquor (for breakfast burritos). This sleepy little beach town is great for a low key beach vacation or camping trip. While lodging is never cheap near the beach, its less than half the cost of Santa Barbara and only about 7 miles south.

Below is a photo of a quirky restaurant on the main drag. It's called The Palms, and its been a staple in this town for ages. I don't know anywhere else where you order a steak and they bring you a slab of raw meat! While there are dinners that come fully prepared, the fun part of this place is taking your meat over to the communal grill and cooking it yourself. They have seasonings lined up and tongs for you to use. You can usually strike up an interesting conversation while you tend your food. Included in your dinner is a salad bar, and another bar that has warm bread, beans, salsa AND baked potatoes. Quite the bargain!

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