Monday, February 18, 2008

Cooper Cat

We got some sad news this weekend. After several tests, we found out that our 6 year old cat, Cooper, has an aggressive form of cancer. Apparently his liver is twice the size it should be and the cancer has likely spread to all his organs. He has been throwing up for weeks. Poor kitty...we will give him medication to help with the pain until we decide that its time.

The old guy has been through some major milestones in his short life....a wedding and the birth of two children. From the time his mother sat at our back door, begging for attention, to the day he was born in a cardboard box in our bathroom, he was meant to live out his life here with us. And I hope he enjoyed it. He's endured endless chasing, tail pulling, dodging swings from train tracks, hurled legos, and even some "hugs" that were more like a wrestling hold. All with nary a defensive swipe. It's going to be a rough week or two here....

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Cathy said...

Oh I am sooooo sorry about Cooper. My thoughts are with you....been there recently.